Free yourself from what prevents you from achieving your dreams, in just 7 sessions!

It could be that …

You be aware of some behavior, that you do not like and that you would like to change for others that bring you more benefits. .

You have limiting beliefs and Feel that prevent you from moving where you want.

 You have your head messed up, listen to a part of you that thinks one way, another part that thinks differently and they don’t agree.

You are tired of seeing that the same feelings are repeated and block you in similar situations, over and over again.

Hello my name is Laura, creator of La Vida is Up to You

Since last year working on this project of Life depends on you! Help those people who want to get rid of bad habits, negative behaviors and emotions, Limiting beliefs … implementing the qualities they want. To get their best version and achieve their dreams.

I work as a Life-Coach. I have trained at The Tad James Co, (in various trainings in Las Vegas and Los Angeles). Master practicioner NLP, NLP-Coach, Time-Line therapy, Hypnotherapy.

I believe that life is a constant learning and that all the circumstances that surround us arise for it.

All people have the possibility to change what they do not like about them, to let go of old emotions that block them and to be Masters of their destiny.

Of course, I also believe that the diseases that we suffer appear from not listening to our bodies, from not accepting situations that happen to us, from blocking ourselves instead of learning and moving forward.

In The Unconscious Mind is the key.




For all of the above, my purpose is to help you reprogram yourself as you wish.

Both this purpose and my work are always based on 4 fundamental values and principles:


  • It is what moves the world, it is always present in my life and of course in my work.


  • Respect for the Model of the World of each Person.



  • To choose in what way, you want to live this process, this will create less unconscious resistance to it.


  • Always listening to what the body and its alarms tell us to learn to prevent and correct the habits that produce it.

All this has led me to have a mission to fulfill with you:

Accompany you to discover your full potential so that you can achieve what you set out to do.

Your Unconscious Mind is the key to living the Present you Deserve and the Future you Dream

In this way I help people who want to transform their lives. Who want to be in control of their feelings and behaviors.

How are we going to get the best version of you?


We will create an agreement to help you get from where you are to the Desired State, solving whatever is necessary along the way.

Unconscious Mind

Working with the U.M. as an Ally to conquer the objective.

Status, Goal or Desired Outcome

We specify the result we want. We check Ecology in all areas of your life.


Obstacles What stands in the way? Negative Behaviors and Emotions, Limiting Beliefs, parts that think differently within yourself …

Strengthening Qualities and behaviors

Implement what you need to make your way more Easy and Comfortable.


Looking for your inner harmony

You are in the right place if …

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following points …

You have negative feelings, emotions, that block or annoy you.

If you are tired of a behavior that you find inevitable.

If you want to implement qualities that you wish you had and that would make your life easier.

If you feel stressed in tension, anxiety, fear …

If you want to get out of your comfort zone and discover the world of possibilities.

What are the steps to transform your life?

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IMPORTANT: You should know that …

I only work with 7 people a month. So don’t think twice. Fill the form!

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Is your moment!

Dare to be your best version !!

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