Are you Willing to Get out of your CAVE of Limitations and take CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE?

What stands in your way?

Negative Behaviors and Emotions, Limiting Beliefs, parts that think differently within yourself …

Imagine how you would feel if you allowed yourself to let go of that heavy backpack that you carry on your back where you keep all those negative feelings linked to the past?

When we grow we adopt the beliefs and values around us. We decide that they are ours and we create our life around them. Hiding our true desires, beliefs and forcing us to live a life that is not ours.

We accumulate negative emotions from events that have happened to us in the past, and without realizing it we attract the same situations over and over again.

When we reach the age of 35, 95% of the programs that govern our behavior work automatically, so we lose the ability to make decisions.

If you want to change those destructive behaviors or habits, free yourself from your limiting beliefs and take control of your life.

If you also feel that you are made to live in a different way than what is established and you want to stop doing what is expected of you …,

but you STILL do not have enough security, confidence and determination to make the change for yourself,






Do you want to know how?


If you want to ask me about your case and help you see possible solutions, or you have a specific problem that we can solve with a quick intervention, here is this option, 60 min session.


This process will break any problem, free you from those negative emotions of the past, limiting beliefs, unproductive behaviors, and Empower you to achieve your Goals.

4 to 7h coaching sessions with me that will transform your life


One of my favorite tools with which I will speak directly with your Unconscious to solve the root problem. Discover all its benefits. Totally online from the comfort of your home.

These are some experiences of the people who have worked with me.

Rebeca Ortega’s experience


 She decided to free herself from her past blocks and regain her peace of mind and motivation to continue enjoying her life much more free now!

“Everything I have learned about myself is incredible, brutal, I have loved it, all your tools are super effective. I am left with the tranquility and peace that I get every time we finish a session and how he has known how to play very deep parts in I didn’t even know them. “

Tania Pina (Creator of Mothers without Stress)

es sin estrés)

Lula’s experience


Creator of the @abcdetuamor project .. that since we worked together has not stopped growing in her business and in her life!

“Tell my story if someone feels identified or reflected:

I’ve been going to psychologists all my life since I was 17 years old, and psychologists for various situations and there came a point where I think I was sabotaging myself in all those therapies, mental and logical. I wanted a therapy where I could click into the unconscious. I was blocking myself, I felt in great paralysis and I had a huge fear.

And from the hand of Laura, she is very warm she accompanies in a very empathetic way, she knows perfectly how to direct you how to accompany you, “I am eternally grateful to you” I recommend her without a doubt my evolution has been in 4 enormous sessions I have come out of a paralysis from huge hyperreflection to suddenly being flowing, which I don’t even believe it yet and it is very easy with her everything is very easy “

Ana Lorena Rodriguez Garcia (Body Therapist of Conscious Movement, Entrepreneur and mother)

Experience of 💜 Beatriz and her daughter Nora💜

Today we have @ beatriz.arz who tells us how she managed to get back to rest with just one session with me, how we changed a couple of habits that she did not want to continue having and also her daughter Nora’s experience with concentration.

“The work Laura did with me was spectacular.

I was a bit skeptical, but from the first moment there was a connection, it was all very smooth, I opened up very easily, we connected to the second.

There have been changes more than surprising things that I would never imagine that I could do, change or even think and I have noticed how the cables have been connecting perfectly.

I am very happy and I recommend everyone to try it is Surprisingly Positive. “

Diego Vargas (Entrepreneur)

Rakel’s experience.

@yogamiau @santoshayogapamplona

The best example of wanting to focus on her path and to overcome those limitations imposed in the past. To Improve and Feel Good, put Herself First and take control of her Life!

Super grateful to her for giving 100%! and for this peazoo video 🥰!

It has been a before and after since I started the sessions with Laura. We began to work on the issue of childhood blockages, anchored emotions such as sadness, the truth is that it is a bit of a story, that is, until you really live it and do not see how that Transformation. And having achieved those goals that I didn’t really consider before, has been something Brutal. In a totally unconscious way my brain has acquired certain skills or strategies to overcome those difficulties and also to face Life in a different way, without those beliefs, those fears, those annoyances …

I would recommend it to everyone, to all of us who have gone through situations that have touched us, it is a beautiful way and also super effective to be able to move forward and unblock all that poop that is accompanying us and that we are not aware of it

Marta Serra (Creator of

Isabel’s experience @vidamultipotencial

A great professional with many skills, who has realized her great potential and is now fully prepared to help multipotential people to take over the world.