Does my story sound  like yours?

I was a Maverick, a Dreamer, always looking for Inner Growth.





But inside I was Frustrated and I felt Limited to Advance.

At just 24 years old, I had already built an ideal life.

I seemed happy, I had what I “wanted”: two jobs that gave me financial independence, a house that I owned (with its corresponding 30-year mortgage), I had a very satisfactory social life and had started a romantic relationship that I thought was going to be for life … but each time I was more bitter and did not understand why.

Does it sound like you too?

I was irascible and reactive, always angry with everything and everyone. I LIVED ON A CONSTANT EMOTIONAL DOWNTOWN. I needed to escape from reality by destroying myself with bad habits. My health deteriorated at times.

I even felt like LIFE was slipping OUT OF MY HANDS.

Because I was not satisfied, I felt empty and without direction.

Laura Gonzalez Hipno Life-Coach

Do you know when your mind does not stop repeating:

“I can not do …”, “I am not enough …”, “I am not worth …”, “Dreams will never be real”, “I have to put my feet on the ground …”, “I do not know the meaning of what happens in my life ”?

If you feel identified, 

We need to talk!

If what you want is to change those destructive behaviors or habits, free yourself from your limiting beliefs and take control of your life.

If you also feel that you are made to live in a different way than what is established and you want to stop doing what is expected of you …, but you still do not have enough security, confidence and determination to make the change for yourself,


I felt a great struggle within me. Fight between what I was supposed to DO and what I really felt I WANTED TO BE.

At one point, when I trusted a little in that little voice that encouraged me to bet on my dreams, I took a deep breath and began to travel to confront that incoherence that inhabited me. I wanted to find answers, nourish myself from different points of view, feed myself with new smells and flavors.

From India, spirituality; Thailand’s therapies that heal the soul.

Different cultures, different understandings. I had time to open my mind, become flexible and question everything that until now I had taken for granted, to know myself, to truly LIVE …

And I learned that I am much more than I thought I was. That we are much more than we think.

My life began to make sense. I worked hard for a few months and spent the rest of the year traveling to learn, to grow, to expand. The more I traveled towards the outside, soaking up other cultures and civilizations, the more I felt that I traveled within my Being.

And when I returned home, my schedule was full of commitments and projects. I began to know what Abundance is.


Questioning the system and allowing yourself to get out of that “comfort” zone, or the known, multiplies the possibilities to be happy.

Then I began to Believe in ME, away from the influence of the opinions of my environment, which allowed me to put my ideas into practice: I wanted to give a twist to the Natural therapies in which I had been trained.

Thanks to hypnosis therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I was able to go directly to the Unconscious to solve the root problems and thus carry out this transformation, personal and professional.


Now I know that our behaviors, negative emotions and limitations are accepted by ourselves.

At some point we have accepted to be that way, which is the best we know, but we limit ourselves in many areas of our lives.

For this reason create this project

La Vida is Up to You!

To Help those people like you and me who sense that their lives are more than a mere puppet without decision-making power.

La Vida is Up to You was born from the purpose of helping the world to be filled with SELF-REALIZED people, who take charge of their Present and are co-creators of their Future.

To be a facilitator of this transformation, I rely on the skills acquired not only in my personal experience, but they also support me:

NLP Master Practitioner Training,

Master Practitioner NLP-Coach,

Master Practitioner in Time-Line TherapyⓇ,

Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy.

CURRENTLY I am working with people from different parts of the world, who want to take Control of their Lives and who want to make their Dreams come true.

Do you want to be ONE OF THEM?

The 4 Agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz

“We know that we are not what we think we should be, which is why we feel false, frustrated and dishonest.”

“Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves.”

Be the CAUSE,
and Take ACTION

I want you to know that you are capable of creating the future you want

It has taken me 10 years to trust my potential, take action on my purpose and believe that dreams are to be fulfilled.

I know that I can create my destiny and I want to help you trust and discover that you have many more possibilities than what we have been told.

Your Ideas, your Projects, your dreamed Goals …, can also come true.

You just have to believe in yourself.

You deserve to create the life you want and be happy

To get it, you first have to start loving yourself, taking care of yourself and taking responsibility for your life.

 I am here to accompany you.